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Working Party So Far

We have had a couple of very busy days with our working party. We are delighted with the turnout and progress made to date.

All the raised beds have been painted with preservative.  They now look like new.

Raised Beds
Spring clean for raised beds

The compost bins now have fronts, which will keep all the material inside and give plenty of ventilation.

Compost bins done
Two very satisfied constructors

Two more beds have been dug over and are ready for use.

Turning over
Beds dug
Two more beds finished






The seating area is well under way.  The soil has been shifted, the site levelled and we have started to barrow in the hardcore.

starting on seating area
We will have this done in a couple of hours
Seating area in progress
Will that do?



A lot of work has been done on tidying up the site.  Wherever possible, material has been recycled.

Making use of material on site
Making use of material on site
compost on the move
We can make use of this

Tomorrow, Sunday 8 May is our last day.  Can you come along and help finish the task?