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Beekeeping Hive Talk

As you can see from attached photo the Apiary site is now taking shape, “double” brood boxes now placed on 5  hives which will lead to them being strong colonies for this Summer with  a further 4 hives awaiting bees which will be bred from existing stock later in the year.

Bees flying
Bees now waking up

Our Winter/ Spring task list is nearly complete thanks to the many attendees on Sundays & Mondays.  Work now will be on general  hive issues :- ensuring that brood frames are healthy, identifying and marking the new Queens, placing on honey supers ,  drinking tea & sitting relaxing at our bench.

There is a notice in Classroom window with walking directions down to the Apiary site to  watch the bees flying during the day.  There are  Bee Aware safety signs on fence & displayed information re bees.

We are still meeting every Sunday and Monday from 1:30 pm, but are more likely to be down at the hives.

PS  even got seed and plants in the ground