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Men’s Shed Update

There was a good attendance at Rosebery Hall and our thanks to Tim Green and Graham Reece from Age Scotland for coming along to speak about existing sheds.  Thanks also to Lorna Russell from Queensferry Care, for all the hard work and providing the refreshments and to Rosebery Hall for hosting us.

The next meeting will be at Craigie’s Project classroom on Tuesday 8 May at 2 pm.

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Beekeeping in February


February programme:

Meet Sunday & Monday 1.30pm

(If weather dry at the apiary site, if poor at Community garden classroom)

This is still the quiet period with bees being inactive & not flying, or they shouldn’t, hopefully we will not need to disturb bees this month as they have enough fondant feed. We will not know how well the individual colonies have survived this winter until it is time to place additional brood boxes and honey supers possibly around late March, we are hopeful that all 5 hives will be healthy and raring to go for the Summer .

But this “Quiet” period gives us the opportunity to carry out maintenance and prepare for the coming year; it will also give people the chance to see the parts and workings of a hive without having the “bees”

We hope the bees like their home
We hope the bees like their home

Task list:

  • Finish hard standing path around hut
  • Tidy dry stane retaining wall
  • Prepare ground at apiary for flower planting (thought we would try and compete with that garden lot)
  • Erect frame stand for boxes
  • Build lean to storage
  • Complete internal joinery to hut: ceiling trim, floor, shelves, painting and step
  • Make & fix landing boards & complete painting to all hives
  • Continue with assembly of varroa floors, frames & brood dummy frames